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High-quality furnace and heater repair services in Moore, OK.

There are a few signs you can look out for to get ahead of potential furnace repairs. Have you noticed a change in your furnace’s performance? Irregular heat output could mean that your ductwork is leaking or that your furnace’s thermostat is malfunctioning.

Has your furnace been making unusual noises or emitting strange odors? Well, loose internal components, an excess of dust inside your unit, or even gas leaks could be to blame. Arthur’s Air Conditioning and Heating can quickly diagnose and repair your furnace, regardless of the issue at hand.

Don’t Wait Until It’s Too Late
We understand that you want to hold off scheduling a repair until you’re convinced something’s wrong, but waiting will only complicate the repair. If you’re the least bit suspicious of a furnace issue, then give Arthur's a call as soon as possible.
100% Satisfaction Guaranteed
Here at Arthur's, we take your satisfaction seriously. If you’re the least bit dissatisfied, we’ll work double-time to correct it. Our primary goal is to take care of all of your HVAC repairs swiftly and efficiently, so you can continue living comfortably.
Solutions for Every Budget
We get it: unexpected expenses are incredibly stressful. But don’t let the price tag scare you away from making an unavoidable repair. Our catalog of units and services is sprawling, giving you countless options and making it easy to match your budget.
Furnace Repair for Moore, OK
Arthur's Air Conditioning and Heating has an extensive footprint. For services in Moore, OK, and beyond, Arthur's is your trusted HVAC repair contractor.

Routinely Scheduled Furnace Maintenance

You should schedule your furnace tune-up annually at the very least. Waiting longer than a year to get your furnace looked at can result in expensive problems down the line. Plus, our furnace maintenance services are affordable, fast, and easy to set and forget. Investing in the health of your current heating system means that you’re investing in the health of your home. So, pay yourself now by avoiding costly repairs later on.

Our annual furnace maintenance tune-up includes the following services:
Inspect ventilation system for leaks and obstructions
Replace your furnace’s filter
Oil the furnace blower
Check for cracks, damage, and general depreciation
Check vents to ensure adequate airflow
Inspect all of your furnace’s components
Adjust controls for optimized performance and comfort

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Heater Maintenance and Repair in Moore, Oklahoma

Are you looking for HVAC services near Moore, Oklahoma? Arthur's delivers high-quality results on every single job. The reviews don’t lie - we pride ourselves on our flawless track record and aren’t satisfied until our customers feel like they’ve received 5-star treatment. From heater tune-ups to furnace replacements, Arthur's can offer you painless customer experiences with immensely satisfying results. When’s the last time your HVAC equipment had a seasonal tune-up? We can get that scheduled for you in no time.
routine furnace maintenance
furnace replacement
Perfect for Property Managers
Keep your tenants happy and properties pristine with Arthur’s HVAC services. We’ll check-up on your HVAC units to ensure everything is running smoothly, so your tenants are comfortable and satisfied.
Explore Energy Efficient Models
HVAC equipment has taken considerable strides in recent years, especially in regards to energy efficiency. Energy-efficient HVAC units can help to cut down your energy bills, resulting in long-term savings.
Take a Look at Our Google Reviews
As much as we enjoy telling you about our outstanding services, you should also hear about them from our community of satisfied customers. Take a few minutes to scroll through our Google Reviews to see what people are saying. Spoiler Alert: Our customers like us.
Preventative HVAC Maintenance
Scheduling routine maintenance for all of your HVAC equipment will set you up for a successful season. Don’t wait for your furnaces, or heaters to malfunction. Reach out today.

Furnace Replacements and Installations

The life of a typical furnace, if adequately maintained, sits between fifteen and twenty years. Even well-maintained units will rust and crack eventually, calling for a full furnace replacement. So, if your HVAC unit falls into that age range, you should give Arthur's Air Conditioning and Heating a call so we can help you find a replacement that best fits your needs. Many of the furnace repair signs also point towards a full-blown replacement, which is another excellent reason to get your unit tuned up annually.

Rattling, creaking, hissing, buzzing, and humming are all cues that your furnace may have significant structural issues. Another standard signal that your unit is in trouble is if you notice an unusual amount of dust or rust particles slowly accumulating throughout your home. Particle accumulation indicates a system that’s well past its prime and in need of replacing. There’s a laundry list of other signs we could cover, but it’s easiest to get one of our technicians out to your home so we can assess your next steps. Regardless of how you decide to move forward with your furnace replacement needs, we’re always happy to jump on a call to give you more information and answer all of your questions.
heat pump on outside of home

Heat Pump Installations and Repairs

Heat pumps are ideal HVAC solutions for homes that experience unpredictable weather changes and a broad spectrum of temperatures because of how incredibly energy efficient they are. Instead of generating heat directly, like conventional systems, they move heat from one area to another depending on your temperature preferences. Heat pumps pull heat from the outside ambient air and redistribute that heat throughout your home. Keep in mind that Heat Pumps have steeper up-front costs than conventional systems but have significantly lowered operating costs, drastically reducing monthly energy bills.

Ductless Mini-Split Systems

Have you heard of a Ductless Mini-Split System? The name of this unique HVAC solution gives clues as to how it works. First up, this system doesn’t use ductwork. Instead, refrigerant lines run from the Ductless Mini-Split System to an outdoor unit and then back into the Mini-Split, creating a loop of heat extraction from the outdoor air. Ductless Mini-Splits are primarily used to reach hard-to-heat places like garages, basements, or new additions. It’s typical to support your central HVAC system with Ductless Mini-Splits on an as-needed basis.

Ductless Mini-Split Systems offer an efficient way to heat or cool your spaces and look sleeker than older window units. They’re also much less complicated than centrally installed units and can be connected to controls and smart-home technology integrations. There’s plenty to get excited about when considering a Ductless Mini-Split System for your home, but make sure you take with one of our HVAC experts before you make a final decision. As you can tell, many vital factors figure into selecting home HVAC solutions.

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